About us 

Equi-Facility is a company founded in August 2020 by Suzanne Veldjesgraaf. In addition to her many years of experience at various stables and stallion farms, she has also completed various training courses that enrich her expertise. The Equi-Facility team now consists of 4 employees.

We have an average of 40 horses at our beautiful accommodation in Lunteren, with which we serve 3 disciplines of the sport (dressage/jumping/eventing). In addition, we have a number of boarding horses and we are engaged in breeding, where we often use the ET technology. We attach great importance to training (young) horses as effectively as possible, whereby welfare is always number 1.

 In brief:
- Training horses;
- Instruction;
- Boarding;
- Mare guidance (also ET!);
- Active in sport;
- Rehabilitation;
- Horse broker & appraiser.

 We distinguish ourselves by:
- Our transparent and open communication about the horse to the owner and/or rider;
- Close cooperation with people from the veterinary profession;
- ***** - accommodation where all facilities are available for optimal rehabilitation;
- Passion for horses.